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Reiki Treatment
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Thank you for exploring your self-care here.

My Services


How would it feel if your life had less pain/more ease, less anxiety/more peace, less stress/more relaxation?


I’m a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP) and Reiki Master/Teacher.

My training, empathy and intuition help me to partner with you toward the goal of restoring energy, harmony and balance.


A bonus: Distance is not a factor!

Energy work knows no time/space boundaries. I offer both in-person and remote (or distance) sessions.


Sessions available by appointment.

Please call, text or email me to book yours.

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Healing Touch & Reiki

Healing Touch and Reiki are compassionate energy therapies in which practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate whole-being health and self-healing. Using gentle, light or near-body touch, we will work together to clear, balance and energize your energy system to realign your mind, body and spirit.

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Session lengths vary depending on your choice of modality. Healing Touch - Initial sessions last 90 minutes and include an intake interview and energy work. Ongoing sessions are 60 minutes with update interview and energy work. Reiki - Initial and ongoing sessions last 45 to 60 minutes.


People have many different responses to treatment including: deep relaxation, a feeling of support and nurturing, emotional releases, spiritual insights, and clarifying thoughts. Sometimes they don’t feel anything immediately and find effects integrate hours or days later.

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Our energy exchange:
Initial Session 
    $90/1.5 hours

Ongoing Sessions
    Single $75/1 hour
    Package of 3 hours $180

I accept cash and card payments. 


Please contact me by call, text or email to book a session.

My availability varies depending on the day and week.


Top Questions

What will a session be like?

After having an intake/update interview, we will establish mutual goals for the day. You will remain fully clothed and lie on the treatment (massage) table for the intervention(s). Sessions may also be done seated if mobility is an issue. I will do a pre-assessment of your energy system and proceed with our goals and intentions in mind. The session closes with a post-assessment and time for feedback.

Are there different ways to receive a session?

Yes! You can book a session and come to my Arvada office space. 

Another option is to receive a Distance Session. Healing Touch & Reiki are possible even when we aren't in the same physical space!

What will I feel during and after a session?

During the session you will feel my hands with either light or near-body touch. As your energy balances you may experience heat or coolness. There may also be body twitches and gurgles as you relax and release.

People may have many different responses to treatment including: deep relaxation, pain release, a feeling of support and nurturing, emotional release, spiritual insights, clarifying thoughts and a feeling of lightness. Some don't feel anything immediately and find the effects integrate hours or days later.

Who benefits from Energy Work?

Everyone! Everybody is made of energy!

It may be especially helpful to those:

-with Stress & Anxiety

-with Pain

-for Pre- & Post-Surgery Wellness

-reconnecting Body-Mind-Spirit

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